A collaboration that will strengthen our University’s innovative spirit

Mehmet Can

Mehmet Can
Board of Trustees
Vice President
İstanbul Bilgi University

As BİLGİ, our most important goal is to ensure that our students are well-equipped to make a difference in the world of 21st century, that they become individuals with advanced research and problem solving skills, and that they acquire international competencies.

With the collaboration that we build with Arizona State University, we are on the one hand reshaping the educational opportunities that we offer to our students in accordance with the requirements of the global world and on the other hand we aim to create new opportunities for them thanks to which they can improve their international competencies. We believe that providing social benefit by creating added value through research and innovation is an indispensable part of university education. On the basis of this, I believe that the collaboration we build with ASU, a leading university in the USA in that respect, will contribute to our University’s innovative and enterprising spirit.