A new chapter in research and innovation

Ege Yazgan

Prof. M. Ege Yazgan
Acting Rector
İstanbul Bilgi University

As a university always seeking excellence and adopting the vision of becoming an international university, we aim to increase our research quality constantly and offer our academic activities within international quality standards. Therefore, we formed a broadly scoped and multilayered international association with Arizona State University, which ranks in the top 1 percentile of the most prestigious universities in the world. Concurrent to BILGI’s internationalization strategy, we believe this relationship will create a significant impact in such areas as education, research, technology and innovation. 

Powered by ASU’s world-leading status in research and innovation, we aim to contribute to social progress by adopting a use-based perspective in research focused on generating solutions. I believe this will stimulate the synergy between academic research and private institutions and public entities. Additionally, when we consider current global circumstances, the nature of education is undergoing significant change, highlighting the particular importance of online learning and digital opportunities offered by the universities. With the distinguished experience of ASU in online education, BILGI will make an important move in this area as well.